Some Old Photographs of Club Members And Presentations
If you recognise any faces let the WEB master know and he will fill in the names.

Photo 1

Back Row.

Norman Bell ..-------..------..-----..-------..-------...------..

Front Row.


-----..Monty Beaumont.. Mrs. Beaumont.. -------..------ 

Photo 2.

Back Row.

-----..-----..-----..-----..----.. Monty Beaumont.. -----..-----..


Front Row.

-----..-----..Norman Bell ..-----..-----..


Photo 3.

Back Row.



Front Row.

----..----..----..----..----..----..----..----..Billy Willis..----..

PHoto 4.


----..----..----..----..----.. Dog Called ----..----..----..

Charity Match at the club in 1988 in aid of the local Ambulance Station Defibbrillator Fund

Which raised the sum of £213.00

Note the Tennis court which is now the site of 3 houses.